Laura Ellen Kelly

encore film festival

Films introduce us to worlds we never knew existed. They have a big impact on how societies interact with each other. Unknown places become locations we long to go to. Unfamiliar ideas suddenly have context.

ENCORE is a pop-up film festival event targeted towards young people to engage and learn about different cultures through the creative medium of film. ENCORE becomes a platform for films that give us a better understanding of different cultures and a better tolerance to our diverse world.

For the launch of this pop-up film festival, a manifesto zine will be distributed to community centers and conscious coffee shops to invite to host, as well as inform an ENCORE film night in their venue.

A pack is then sent with promotional posters to advertise the event and free zines to inform the participating audiences. The venue owner downloads the ENCORE app that has a selection of movies to choose from. The pack can double up as a projector allowing the event to be held anywhere with a blank wall and an interested audience.

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