Alice Greene

not another musical outbreak!

To this day, people have misconceptions about musical theatre due to its ‘unnecessary’ outbreak into song – the phony sheen, stereotypical and unbelievable situations that musicals can contain. What audiences often don’t see is the underlying political and cultural issues that are driven through the narrative using song.

This project provides an insight into the dramatic functions of song types in musical theatre. Four musicals, Billy Elliot, Les Misérables, West Side Story and Hairspray are chosen to demonstrate how characters are not just singing for the sake of it but have a reasoning behind breaking out into song in the middle of a sentence! The format of a musical script is considered using elements of type, lines, sound cues and structure using an Act One and Act Two. This also includes a humourous secondary voice throughout to remind people of their original misconceptions and contemplate if it is more than just a musical outbreak.

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