Paul Smith

information anxiety

Information anxiety has proliferated with the ambiguity of the word “information.” This mantra of our culture has been overused to the point of senselessness, in much the same way that a word repeated over and over will lose meaning. The word inform has been stripped out of the noun ‘information’, and the form or structure has disappeared from the verb to ‘inform’. Much of what we assume to be information is actually just data or worse. The great information age is really an explosion of non-information; it is an explosion of data.

The ‘Information Anxiety’ newspaper provides a series of declarations, photographic illustrations and re-contextualised images commenting on the effects of the new information age.

The website aims to be an experimental space, in which to raise questions and explore the interaction between users and the growing ubiquity of digital information. To experience information from a new perspective, in a neutral context, and to act as a platform to generate user-computer visual collaborations.

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