Cassandra Walsh

the perfect paradox

Mention the word perfectionism and we automatically think of obsessive compulsive disorder, but is it right to make such assumptions, especially when they are wrong? The idea of perfection is a mere subjective concept as it is vague and undefinable, like that of a paradox. Therefore, it makes the perfect paradox.

As creative individuals we have been encultured to search for the flaws in everything we do. Within the creative world where human errors are frowned upon and design processes are overly reflective and analytic, there is this excessive need to constantly over think and refine for this ‘pursuit of perfection’. We become paralyzed from over-analysis and even when we feel we have achieved ‘perfection’, there it is, that feeling of dissatisfaction. This is it you see, the madness that is perfection; it isn’t even satisfied with perfection.

‘The Perfect Paradox’ is a limited edition publication for creatives that investigates and clarifies the types of perfectionism and how it effects the creative industry. It explores paradoxical characteristics, observes how perfectionists are perceived, how perfectionism can be redefined and to encourage individuals to embrace the idea of imperfection because it is flaws that make things interesting.

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