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With increasing life expectancy and an increasing number of illnesses, people are starting to question the quality of health care and are looking for safe and effective ways to treat illnesses as well as improve their overall health. Many of us undermine our general health by abusing antibiotics and other strong medication for trivial complaints which could lead to a resistance to drugs, allergies and a breakdown of the immune system.

What if we didn’t see health as just as the absence of illness but also as the active pursuit of wellness? A healthy balanced lifestyle offers a safe alternative to the intake of drugs and seeks to improve the person’s general health, emotionally and physically, boosting their vitality. Food as well as habits, good or bad, have the ability to damage but also to support our body in its natural healing process.

Metamorph, a monthly issue examines and promotes a natural approach to healing. As the overwhelming volume of information on health available to us can be intimidating, Metamorph aggregates and filters the information, creating a medium to make different health tips and treatments more accessible for public use and thus reduce the use of antibiotics and pills. Metamorph is a vision of health, communicated in a straightforward, and personal way, with the intention to include, guide and empower everyone through their journey to self healing.

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