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b curious

Many people ask why so much is spent on space exploration with so many other pressing issues in the world. These are valid concerns, but perhaps somewhat short sighted considering the benefits we receive from offshoot technologies and discoveries that affect us in profound ways that can’t be measured. The sense of pride, common purpose and attraction of future generations to science is vital. It prevents stagnation and encourages further achievement.

With this in mind the “B CURIOUS” campaign is geared towards a target audience of young teens, the next generation to enter the workforce and fund future government space initiatives. Each month, posters would be sent to schools with illustrations of an exciting new project in space exploration, as well as infographics with more detailed facts on them. A QR code then leads them to an animation, getting the viewer excited for the development before explaining the current state of funding for space initiatives. It will then emphasise how valuable the viewer’s curiosity is in maintaining the public support. The ultimate goal of the campaign is a future generation excited and willing to keep important projects like these going.

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