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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the name given to a broad range of developmental disorders. These include communication and relationship difficulties and affects 1 in 100 children worldwide. Recent studies shows this figure is increasing. Many people don’t realise the vast array of difficulties people with the disorder encounter on a daily basis and the effects that it has on their lives and their caretakers. This project will act as the ‘Counterbalance’, aiming to inform and broaden individuals’ minds when it comes to ASD. ‘Counterbalance’ will focus in on different subject matters, bringing to light the changes needed to create a balance between people with ASD and those without. This project specifically looks at factors that contribute to effective communication. It addresses the guidelines we need to alter when communicating with someone facing the difficulties associated with ASD. By making a visual interpretation of the world some ASD individuals live in, it will generate understanding, tolerance and normalisation of the effects while overall aiding people in creating a balance to make communication more effective.

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