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As a primarily online community, 62% of adults now receive news on social media. Debate exists in relation to the functionality of social media as a form of news media. Social media platforms employ algorithms to curate the user newsfeed based on interests and likes, sheltering them from opposing viewpoints. We become trapped in our own online echo chamber in which our own opinions are validated by those we encounter who share the same point of view. These online news sources are often unreliable, caring more about click revenue than depth and accuracy. Due to current political outcomes and the rise of “alternative facts,” echo chambers have become a key part in the post-truth era with the integrity of traditional news journalism under threat.

FEED is an awareness newsletter educating millennials on the tailored nature of the information and news they are exposed to on social media platforms. The newsletter encourages them to escape their own social media echo chamber in a bid to broaden their understanding of wordly issues.


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