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CRISPR: a very recent scientific discovery in genetics could soon revolutionise the world and possibly introduce irreversible changes to the human genome, changing humanity forever. A system found in primitive bacteria is used by scientists as a precise scissors tool that cuts DNA and can be easily programmed to edit DNA.

The new technology raises many concerns within and without the scientific community. Unforseen side-effects and consequences; genetically edited species that once released cannot be contained; so-called “gene drives” breaking the rules of traditional Mendelian genetics; potential weaponisation or sabotage; or the argument that humans shouldn’t play God.

Although hyped in the scientific circles, the discovery of CRISPR is still obscure to the general public. This project aims to popularise the discovery, explaining it in an approachable way and also discussing the possibilities it brings and the dangers it poses. Transfection not only serves its role as an information source, but also raises ethical questions and dispels myths about CRISPR.

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