Selina Kindt


Stress, consumerism and cluttering is taking over people’s lives, robbing them of their time without them being aware of it. Despite having it all, people seem to feel more and more unhappy and dissatisfied with life. The minimalistic lifestyle has been on the uprising for a while now. This movement concentrates on getting rid of all the meaningless and unecessarities in our lives and condensing everything back to the basics, making space for more awareness and mindfulness in decision-making and also towards the environment. Inspired by minimalism but getting rid of the more extreme side of the movement I concentrated on just simplifying ones lifestyle and redefining society; trying to decrease the want of things, that is turning into a need to satisfy an addictive behavior that leads to endless consumption. I am creating awareness and encouraging people to make more conscious decisions to slow down, take a moment and feel happy again.

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