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Deltagene is an animation that explores advertising methods and the way in which services, though realistically impossible and unethical, can still seem believable. The animation reflects adverts similar to those for anti-aging cream, hair regeneration and cosmetic surgery. They rely on their scientific themed advertising to uphold their legitimacy as a product or service. Deltagene was conceived as a fictitious company, that re-engineers human DNA to extend the limits of the human physical and mental state, offering superpowers to the masses. While the beginning of the advert describes a precise scientific venture, it progresses to give the viewer the realisation that all is not what it seems. The tongue in cheek approach taken also highlights an important moral message in the animation. It begs the questions of whether or not having this procedure is a good thing at all. It puts forward the notion of the result of a service being a step too far in altering the natural evolution of the natural human state.

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