Mairead Connolly

mass media skews reality

Mass Media Skews Reality, is a print based campaign focusing on how we as a society have become over-reliant on technology and media and the negative impact that results due to over exposure to media. It can effect how we percieve reality in addition to having significant impact on how we view society and ourselves within society. It distorts the way in which we view violence and the world as a whole.

Accetate and gloss paper were used as a means of representing screen media in addition to distorting imagery. Black boxes are positioned throughout the design to create as sense of censorship. In various instances the type is broken into to suggest a loss of information. Violent imagery was used to break images using pattern, and repitition to portray how we are subject to acts of violence on such a regular basis that we have become densensitized to the reality of it.

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