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Michelle Walsh


For my Graduate Show, I decided to address the subject of architecture with a particular focus on local buildings. I created a publication that attempts to reflect the way that people feel about their local architecture; with a focus on Cork city in the South of Ireland. However, this same formula could be applied to any city and each one could be distributed within the area.
Reflection is the result of an exploration of the public’s relationship with architecture. Initially, Reflection seeks to hold a mirror up to the city for the people who call it home. Next it considers the difference between critical analysis and the public’s view of a building and where does this building belong in the architectural identity of the city? Finally, Reflection is about the art of learning to notice and appreciate your surroundings by simply observing.

Not every building we come across will be designed by Le Corbusier or Frank Lloyd Wright, but that does not mean they should be ignored. Familiarity can cause us to ignore our surroundings, and become blind to what stands right in front of us. While not every building here is a great leap forward in design or a major piece of art, there is no reason why everyone should not appreciate what is right in front of them.

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