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Myriam Riand


My work is a response to classical poetry through the medium of photography. Poetry isn’t a form of art that brings as much widespread interest as music, film or stories, hence it has somewhat been neglected by design. I chose poems that were based on stories of the doomed lives of three classical tale heroines : Ophelia, Psyche and the Lady of Shalott. They are all from different times and places, but are united in their fates and the fact that they were inspirations for Pre-Raphaelite artists.

To formulate my visual response to those poems, I based my photography on Pre-Raphaelite art and re interpreted it in a contemporary manner, using photo manipulation.By displaying the photographs in separate booklets, I aim to help people engage with the timeless nature of classical poesy.

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Tel_ 085 169 1189
Email_ myriamriand@gmail.com
Web_ www.myriamriand.com

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