Louise O’Doherty

the broken cycle of sleep

We spend about 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month and 2,920 hours a year sleeping, on average, 1/3 of our life. While asleep, we are unaware of the cycle it follows each night. It’s almost as if our waking selves and sleeping selves are two separate beings, living in alternate dimensions never catching more than a passing glimpse of each other.

For some, the cycle and pattern of sleep may become disrupted or irregular due to certain mental or physical states. Sleep disorders are common causes for a broken sleep pattern. I focused on 5 sleep disorders; narcolepsy, sleep apnea, bruxism, restless leg syndrome and insomnia. Sleep disorders are common and have a significant impact on the daytime functioning, quality of life, and health of the sufferer. Many who haven’t experienced them are unaware of their life-threatening and traumatic consequences, which frequently affect people’s emotional and social life as well as their physical and mental health.

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