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Petrina Hannon


Both past and present rebels have brought about change by going against conventional ‘norms’, resisting authority, conformity and culturally accepted ideals. My project aims to celebrate the value of rebellion. I have chosen to express the theme of rebellion through two contrasting rebels- Rosa Parks and Fredrich Nietzsche. Rosa Parks was a rebel activist who initiated the 1950 Civil Right Movement through one single act of defiance. In contrast Fredrich Nietzsche, a German Philosopher, devoted his entire life to challenging all customary habits of thinking. Rosa Parks rebelled for physical freedom and equality while Nietzsche fought for freedom of the mind.
Through my use of typography, colour, shape and form I wanted to communicate how the rebels reaction can both destroy and create.

‘Learning is always rebellion… Every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary to what was believed before’ – Margaret Lee Runbeck.

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