Lucia Poliakova


Many parents may have trouble understanding their children’s need to be constantly connected through social media. Hanging out at the mall may still be a popular activity for teens, but hanging out on social networking websites has become a major way for teens to build social relationships. Through social media, teens are developing a sense of who they are and where they fit into their community and the world. They spend lots of their time being actively online and as users are the most vulnerable category to become a victim of online predators and cyber-bullying. Unfortunately this is a growing concern, which can have fatal consequences. Share is a short film aimed at teenage audience to help them recognize the hidden ploys of social networking. Teens are mostly influenced by their peers and so the morals of the film are told through the first big lovestory of a young girl Elizabeth.

music used in video

The Flight of Lulu
Last Days of Disco
Sex Tape
Led by the dress colored in red
Smash Grab

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