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Grainne Murphy

once upon a time

Once Upon A Time, is a campaign where you can log onto www.onceuponatime.com to order your inspiration package. The first edition of the Once Upon A Time campaign is inspired by the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. In the
package you receive various things that will inspire you in a non-technological way.
The reason behind the Once Upon A Time campaign is that there used to be a time where we did everything by hand and only relied on ourselves, the people around us and our environments for inspiration. The ‘Once Upon A Time campaign gives you the opportunity to get away for five minutes from the fast moving world of technology and get you thinking for yourself and looking around you rather than just at a screen.

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Tel_ 087 673 2100
Email_ grainnemurphydesign@gmail.com
Web_ www.grainnemurphy.ie

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