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Charlene Zubrzycki

why rhyme?

‘Every year there seems to be a new doomsday prediction we survived the 2012 Mayan
apocalypse and also dodged the 113th Pope elected armageddon. The next doomsday deadline
is 01.01.2017 according to the Brotherhood of Sword. They believe the ‘Prophet Gabriel’ told
the Brotherhood the ‘dying time’ will come on this date. The ‘Just Incase?!’ campaign
makes people aware of the new doomsday prophesy so they an prepare themselves just incase
it actually happens this time. Along with the doomsday awareness ‘Just Incase?!’ also
promotes an armageddon survival case, ‘The Just Incase?!’. The Brotherhood of Sword prophesy
doesn’t specify how the end of the world will come so ‘The Just Incase?!’ covers all possible
areas. Just incase it’s natural disasters’, a zombie armageddon or even an alien invasion been
The cause of the worlds demise. ‘The Just Incase?!’ has people covered incase of anything.

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