Adam Broe

sheepish opinion

We as a people and as a culture have grown accustomed to having our information blindly fed to us and it has become customary for our opinions and ideals to be shaped and suppressed by the few in our world who control and limit what information is passed through the media. My projects aim was to show to a wider audience just how much our opinions can be forced and changed by what we see and what we read. This paper is however aimed at challenging our ideals of the ‘Media’ and the manner in which it is presented to us. If you wish to read a ‘happier’ more ‘rose-tinted’ form of media then continue on by using the decoders provided to read this paper and they will help you block out and ignore the ‘wolves’. However if you wish to make a more educated and informed decision and not just blindly become a sheep and believe everything that is printed then continue on through these articles without the decoders clouding your judgment.

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