Seán Campion

If my work was a person, he would be your teenage son who uses safety pins to attach patches to the expensive denim jacket you bought him for his 16th birthday when he wasn’t an idiot. He pierced his own eyebrow in his older friends’ bathroom and smudges his sister’s black eyebrow pencil under his eyes every morning before school and never washes it off. His friend shaved off one of his eyebrows as revenge for him cutting out a tuft of his hair in the back of class. He shaved the other off because he does appreciate some symmetry. He doesn’t sleep until 3am or later and stays up reading fashion magazines he stole from the local bookshop and tearing out what he likes and taping them to his wall over other things because he’s run out of space. He also tears out things he knows you won’t like to see and puts them on his wall.

He misses deadlines

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