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Makayla Metzger

1969: the year everything changed

In this editorial book I wanted to convey the distorted nature of the Manson Family’s mindset in the lead up to and when the murders happened. The paragraphs look neat and aligned because they have been force justified – a symbol of how everything looked fine from the outside, but the family members were actually brainwashed and forced to do things for Charles Manson. This theme runs throughout the whole book – things might look neat and aligned but if you look closer words are upside down and warped and imagery is dark. I did a lot of typographic experimentation with distorted letters using copy machines, which gave me an unpredictable and organic result. Every page has a texture generated from the copy machine to create a rough and slightly dirty feel. The book is bound using red rubber bands – creating a tightness and tension that is holding the book together.

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