Mary Deegan

Freedom of expression

The Mexican Drug war is an ongoing conflict between the Mexican government and various drug trafficking syndicates.

A huge issue within Mexico are the dangers that Journalists face by constantly being physically threatened and silenced by the drug cartels.
Silence foments crime and impunity and there is no free press in Mexico. Television stations intentionally omit certain subjects sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of complicity. Important newspapers or prestigious magazines demonstrate the lack of press freedom each time they remove a thorny subject from their pages or they publish reports without crediting the author. Many Journalists are living in exile due to the death threats they have received. For those who have remained in the country, the outlook is grim.

This concept aims to communicate the plight of Mexican journalists. The use of the coffee cup targets a wide spread audience. Her gagged face stares out at us demanding help. ‘Dare to write dare to die’ highlights the seriousness of the issue. The hashtag #JusticeForJournalists invites the reader to become more involved in an online platform to raise awareness surrounding this issue.

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