Jack Horgan

the abolishment of the uk death penalty

There were many events that occurred in the year 1969. Many were universally viewed in a positive light and there was some that were viewed as the opposite. There were then some events however that were more complicated than that. One of these such events was the abolishment of the United Kingdom death penalty in the year 1969. The road to the abolishment death penalty had many factors which played a role in its demise. This includes certain executions, political figure heads and world events which played a role in the final decision of the acts future in the United Kingdom.

The piece invites the viewer to question the act and if it should have been abolished or not. Morality is one of the key themes of the editorial piece. To view different perspectives and to spark discussion on the topic and how the world is today now that the death penalty is no longer an active practice and if it should be reinstated.

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