Amy White

the year that changed everything

Project rationale: 1969 is known as the year that changed everything. I decided to look at the Manson Murders because I was fascinated at how easily people where manipulated, how Manson actually never killed anyone, and the horrific crimes themselves are seen as some of the most gruesome murders in Hollywood.

Instead of simply re telling the Manson Murder story I decided to take the approach of looking at one of Manson’s girls who murdered for him. I looked at Susan Atkins and her part in the killings and what led her to kill.

In my typographic approach I decided to look at quotes that she said while being on drugs and contradict that with the cold hard facts of what happened. While Susan was ‘using’ she said some horrific things about the murders and showed no remorse. For this reason, I designed her quotes in psychedelic hand drawn typography to show the mind set she was in at the time. Susan is also the reason the Manson Family were caught for their killings of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Susan bragged to her cellmate (while in jail for another conviction) about her part in the murder of Sharon Tate.

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