Rolands Zilvinskis

The zodiac killer

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who terrorised and brought fear to the people of Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Over the period of 5 years, he sent at least 18 cryptic letters to the press, taunting police officers for their inability to capture him, as well as disclosing any motivation or reasoning for the killings and offering clues for future murders. He had claimed to have murdered 37 people, but only 5 have been confirmed. His identity still remains unknown.

To make the book more interesting to read, it tells the story of the Zodiac Killer from the police officers, surviving victims, police dispatchers and detective Dave Toschi’s perspective, who was the main detective assigned on the case. The book follows a timeline of events, giving a detailed description on each murder, alongside photographs of the actual victims, whose faces are crossed out with the infamous Zodiac symbol.

Dave Toschi was unable to capture the Zodiac Killer, ultimately taking its toll on his health both physically and mentally. The story finishes with “Who is the Zodiac and where is he?”, leaving the reader confused, overwhelmed and disappointed, while feeling empathetic for the detective.

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