Isobel Hyland

miss america beauty pageant, 1969

Looking at the Miss America Protests that took place over the years 1968-1969, this piece tells the story of the different perspectives throughout this event. Using a small colour palette and a mixture of fonts, the 3 sides are divided between; The Radical Women’s group, the misogynistic onlookers, and the voice of the reader. The 1969 protests followed the previous year’s protest. The New York Radical Women’s group unleashed a series of high profile demonstrations and guerrilla theatre stunts. Over the period of 1969 and 1970, the movement captured media attention and turned women’s liberation into a widely recognized phenomenon. They defied ‘ladylike’ behaviour and raised issues of sexual harassment and discrimination. On the day of this protest, the “feminist button” was produced by Robin Morgan, depicting a clenched fist. The ‘raised fist’ symbol was used as a message of solidarity and support and combined the elements of defiance and revolution with that of femaleness.

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