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A project based around the year that changed everything, the year 1969. Researching the eye-opening act by a young man named Jan Palach in January of 1969, a man who self-immolated as a form of protest to the communism in Czechoslovakia. This event was one of the events that helped change the course of Czechoslovakia’s history in relation to communism and this is what is explored in the book, Hope. The book is named ‘HOPE’ as this is what Jan Palach wanted to give his people, the hope to keep fighting for their country, to not give up.

Using the combination of type; layout; color and images to create a book that celebrates the history of Czechoslovakia and their fight to freedom. ‘HOPE’ has two voices, it has the voice of the Czechoslovakian people which is represented by yellow colors; free slowing type and smaller images. This contrasts with the voice of Soviet Union who is imposing the communism on these people, they are represent by dark red colors, tight type and big loud imagery. These conflicting colors; typefaces and imagery continue throughout until hope wins out.

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