Graduate Show 2019

When the Year Four group got together in March to choose a theme for this year’s Graduate Show, they came up with the word ‘Reality’. From that, they pursued many lines of enquiry into social, political, cultural and contemporary issues that were of personal interest to them. From UX Design examining the wellness of the ‘Mind and Body’ to a commentary on the ‘Demise of the Hedgerow’, this years students explored a broad range of subject matter including the power of social media, pollination, rural Ireland, an eat-well food guide, our environmental crisis, Malaysian cuisine, lessons from mythology, the implications of streaming music, and many more.

This year’s Graduate Show also provides an opportunity to view projects completed during the group’s year of study. These projects illustrate the variety of work undertaken by the students and include a documentary on the ‘Worker’, an editorial project focused on the year ‘1969’, a Social Design project that examines the possibility of the E-Vote and a zine project that provided an opportunity to deal with the concept of ‘Borders’.

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