Emmett Ryan

1969 – the break of the beatles

In my design practice I deal with many different areas, from branding, to editorial, to UI/UX, to film. As a designer I tend to concentrate on digital elements, and let that influence my print work. My work within the digital has led to a big interest in motion design and user interface design specifically. The fundamentals of design has also organically inspired a passion for editorial. My work with brand & identity has also been one of the main elements of my design practice throughout my time in LSAD.

My style of work takes inspiration from modernist design and designers. I tend to gravitate towards contemporary designers who explore the idea of ‘non-design’. I would describe my own work as contemporary while always taking influence from the old, looking at the fundamentals of design, and the idea that what worked back then still works now. I like to incorporate my own interests from outside of design into my work and let it influence the process. My interest in music has often become the subject of my work and is also often incorporated into it.

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