Ella Chinnock

1969 – homosexual legalisation in canada

1969 consisted of many milestones for us as a globe. Apollo 10, Boeing 747, ARPANET, Project Blue Book, to name a few . One of these milestones which still continues to change the world today was the legalisation of homosexual relationships, prior to its legality many people were killed or jailed for just being themselves. Taking this into consideration, a means of educating the nation on the life of a homosexual person, prior, during and after 1969 was necessary. The book depicts 3 voices; neon pages telling the story of a lady who was gay during the time of change, the bold body text giving an over view of what was happening at the time, and the entirety of the body text giving a detailed and concise account of what it was/is like to be gay. The piece is designed using two colours, pink and black, lest we not forget the pink and black triangles stitched onto the clothing of gay concentration camp workers. Without the legalising homosexual relationships, gay marriage or gay people becoming a family would be unheard of today…

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