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Then ‘ah sure, feck it… it’ll be grand’ attitude gives the Irish people their carefree, easy going, friendly, and approachable nature and causes them to be loved by people all over the world. The stereotype of the easy going temperament of Irish people is a huge incentive for people from other countries to visit us. However, although this common temperament of Irish people has many positives we must also consider it’s drawbacks. Irish people are not typically known for complaining, protesting or instigating change. In general, we, as a people, just go along with things as they are with the attitude of, ‘It’ll all work out, be grand’. Unfortunately this attitude doesn’t leave much room for questioning, challenging, protesting against those in power.

With the aid of satire, I will inform the Irish public of the importance of questioning, reflection, protest and change. I will create an editorial to highlight this and use satirical news stories that pinpoint elements of Irish life that need to be addressed.

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