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understand_prevent dementia

The aim of this project was to design a booklet for Understand_Prevent, which aims to create awareness for neurological diseases, i.e dementia. This booklet creates a space that allows readers to understand what it feels like to have this disease while informing them about the condition.

For this project, it was important to highlight lesser-known factors that cause a disease such as dementia in order to show that dementia is not necessarily an elderly disease. To do this, the selected case studies were chosen because of their unique relation to the disease.

The booklet is split into three sections. The first section is an outline of neurological diseases as a whole. It simply explains what is meant by the term. This section would be used throughout the other Understand_Prevent booklets in production. The next section is based on case studies and typographical expressions as a way of visualising the emotions of a patient. The headings of each case study are bleeding off the edge to signify the process of loosing functions.

The final section consists of posters, which require the readers’ participation. The concept behind this involvement is to create an environment where the reader physically feels what sufferers’ of the disease feel. In this instance, the feelings of confusion and frustration are displayed. The reader must find a way to detatch the poster from the booklet as well as figure out what the poster says. Each poster for this booklet has an intended show-through on the stock. This relates to the fuzziness dementia patients experience and how things become disorientated and difficult to piece back together. Each poster shows a word, which describes this often-difficult process of connecting the pieces back together.

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