Lisa Faherty


The aim of this project is to look at the state of mind and the impact that thinking positively has on your life. Exploring the different truth and misconceptions about happiness. Through creating a ten question survey and sending it to over 100 people online allows for many visual opportunities which are explored both info-graphically and photographically in this book. Informing us about the happiest music to food to where the happiest places are. The book also gives a brief look onto the science behind happiness and the effects thinking positively has on your brain.

The little book of happy is a sequence of images of a little girl who was given balloons (her possession). She was very excited when she first received the balloons, however after being taken on a short walk with the balloons her level of happiness and excitement deteriorated to boredom and unhappiness. This is a simple sequence accompanying some famous quotes to remind us the experiences do make us happier than possessions.

At the end of the book you see her releasing the balloons, illustrating the idea of letting go and just being happy without our possessions to depend on.

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