Martin Lynch

are logos dead?

Logo design has been a controversial subject lately. One branding professional recently claimed that logo design is not that hard to do whilst another said that logos are dead; some rebutted while others concurred. Why all the fuss?

Yes, logo design is only one facet of the powerful force that we call brand identity. Yes, a branded design environment can communicate sophisticated brand meaning without much use of logos. But some ‘brand gurus’ seem to enjoy making hyperbolic pronouncements just to sound shocking or cutting-edge. The technological advancements and tumultuous industries of our century are causing its role in our culture to evolve.

This debate was cause for me to create a book that looks at where logo design comes from, what state it’s in currently, and where it’s heading in the future whilst also displaying a new brand toolset (smaller booklets) thats being used to help consumers connect further with companies and products without necessarily requiring a logo.

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