Phoebe Webb

a new revolution: the rise of the chinese luxury market

“There’s never been a better time for Chinese designers, but I feel that what’s lacking is their own identity in
their design. They still don’t have a voice…”
(Angelica Cheung, Editor in Chief for Vogue China)

This project aims to visually explore the expanding luxury fashion industry in China and its own lack of identity. It focuses on Vogue China, and how they visualise and portray their own designers in comparison to how they show western designers in the magazine. It highlights the current issues of Chinese designers competing with western designers in the expanding fashion industry in China and it creates awareness of the growing fashion market in China and the importance of the fashion magazine to its changing culture. China is the world’s second largest economy in the world, with
a population of almost 1.4 billion people. It is a booming market for the fashion industry. With a communist background, people in China are now becoming more identity conscious and educated about fashion in the western world and Chinese women are earning more income, and therefore having more buying power than ever before.

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