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Graduate Show 2014

The final year project gives year four Visual Communications students the opportunity to pursue subjects and themes that are of personal interest to them. Each year, the students get together in March to come up with a word or title for the end-of-year Visual Communications show. Selecting a word not only gives focus but also allows them to approach a subject with a specific question/angle/point of view. This year’s selected word is ‘State’.

As always, there was a broad range of creative responses from the 27 graduating students. The subjects explored covered a wide range; from serious (dementia, the state of our planet), to social (gaming and happiness) through to profound and philosophical (what it means to be alive?). Areas such as fashion, music, education, travel, politics, and social media all feature strongly in the show across a range of print and screen media.

view a selection of graduate animations

Web_ State Animations

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