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The current expectation for many in the design community is to work overtime and longer hours than most as simply an industry standard. The most common excuse often being that it’s done as a love for the craft, but where are the limits to this drawn?

Ferris Jabr’s article for Scientific American, ‘Why your Brain needs more Downtime’ argues that overworked staff do not output the same level of work as those who are given ample time off. The article further elaborates on this claim, citing arguments that the nine-to-five work standard is in itself ill advised and should be reformed.

My piece acts as a structure for Jabr’s, presented in a print medium to take the reader away from the screen and the type gently paced throughout, rather than smothering the reader’s vision with information. The colours and illustration imitate that of a scientific paper about to be presented to wider community; the harsh fact behind the information presented.

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