John Treacy

the return

The world is changing. Weather patterns, global warming, global cooling, environmental disruption, threats to the natural world and a looming sixth mass extinction on the planet are all combining to set the planet up for an uncertain future. The ice caps are melting and the over fished, over polluted, over salinated seas are rising to new levels, faster than before. Life on the planet is perched at the edge of an unavoidable precipice, unless we as a planet act collectively to reverse the damage we have caused over the last industrious century.

Scientific consensus is almost unanimous, we are, and have been affecting the planet to a greater degree than previously thought. Our futures are uncertain and we are to blame.

For this project I have created an animation to highlight the precarious position the global climate currently finds itself in. I aim to inspire the viewer to consider the planet and the state of the natural world at present as the effects of man are beginning to be felt worldwide.

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