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Sarah Treanor

the invitation of the dawn

The design of this book and four poster series are based around the ideas of Henry David Thoreau, expressed in his book ‘Walden; or Life in the Woods,’ specifically keying in on his observations on ‘living deliberately.’

In living deliberately a person’s quality of life is enhanced by being conscious that we are self-reliant to our own happiness and acting on this. The invitation of the dawn is the invitation each person is given to choose to live deliberately. To recognise this invitation and accept it is to pursue the career you always wanted, to fulfil goals with bravery, to rise above disapproval and work towards what you believe in, to take leaps in life and see the possibilities of living. Essentially, to live deliberately is to truly engage with life.

The use of pattern and urban photography highlights the repetition of each day and the predictability of it all. Nature breaks out of the pattern of urban drools, as a eureka moment, representing a further living.

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