Louise O’Reilly


Latrinalia is a term used to describe the graffiti found in public restrooms. I have created a book based on our human desire to engage with the world anonymously, with a particular focus on latrinalia. Each of us have, at one time or another been captivated by bathroom graffiti. But bathroom walls aren’t exactly known as a hive of intelligent discourse. In fact, most of the stuff carelessly scrawled in public restrooms is misinformed and/or hateful.

Once in awhile though, somebody takes the time in between flushing and washing hands to scribble something intelligent and, dare we say it, profound. There is power behind these anonymous messages. Through the use of photography, typography and layout this book hopes to book elevates these positive messages, which are often overlooked because of where they are written.

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Web_ www.cargocollective.com/louiseoreilly

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