Alina O’Shaughnessy


“Tori” is an experimental publication with non-linear triple parallel narrative and a number of graphic elements and illustrations. Format: case-bound book, 180×230 mm, French-folded with die-cuts and tip-ins on several spreads.

The fantasy novel applies Qualia perception theory to form the scientific basis of the story. The theory proposes that we all engage with the world differently: no two people see the colour red in the same way, or experience pain or smell similarly. So, Tori – the main character of the novel – is born with an abnormal perception of colours. In his vision, every colour around him fluctuates continuously, changing, for example, from yellow to green and then to purple. The unusual nature of the story is reflected in the structure of the book and use of colour in the text and the illustrations. The three voices, via which the story is told, are expressed through the use of a serif, sans serif and slab-serif typefaces.

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