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Graduate Show 2012

To engage is the term used to describe any means of involvement that is meaningful, expressive or significant; we engage with the world around us in many different ways and on many different levels; we see, explore, connect, engage, ‘tune in’, observe, ‘like’, ‘friend’, attach or, in some cases, ‘zone out’; we engage with people, places, objects, situations, scenarios, both real and virtual, times and/or moments. And as visual communicators, we design material that attempts to engage with an audience.

For the 2012 graduate show project, the Year Four students were asked to pursue lines of enquiry into social, political, cultural and contemporary issues around the word ‘engage’. They were able to conceptually and creatively explore these issues while recognising that the project is not simply about ‘engagement’ but their interpretation of it.

view a selection of graduate animations

Web_ Engage Animations

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