Maryrose Simpson

colour decoded

We all engage with the world around us in many different ways and at many different levels. There is a state of mind when we are engaged in the world around us, we are overpowered with images and visual language from a day to day basis. We are constantly trying to decode a vast amount of information. The question is “are we always engaged”?

This project is an exploration into how colours have a profound effect on how we feel. It is not uncommon for people to have a favourite colour. But why? Why do people favour one colour over the other? Perhaps, the way the colour makes us feel has a profound effect on why we tend to gravitate to more vibrant colors and steer clear of the dull ones. Although the idea may sound absurd, some psychologists and physiologists believe that colors can affect certain systems of the body.
Even at a very young age, we are sensitive to the colours that surround us. As we grow older, they continue to influence our moods and frame of mind throughout our lives. Depending on our temperament, we can develop affinities for or aversions to certain colours, but it remains that colours have relatively precise effects.

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