Jackie O’Connell

judge and be judged

For the final year project I focused my attention on stereotypes. We are faced with all kinds of stereotypes through out our daily lives, weather it be racial, social or religious. This project was designed to draw attention to the ever changing social stereotypes, expanding peoples thinking from the Americanized variations on these stereotypes that we have all grown up to know, i.e. the ‘Nerd’, the ‘Jock’, etc. I wanted to make my project more identifiable to Ireland and the titles we adopt for different social stereotypes.

The book format was chosen to embody the serious nature of the topic but the use of illustration and the accordian fold kept the overall feel of the piece more lighthearted, informal. The over all message behind this project is as the title says ” Judge and be Judged”. I hope that by drawing attention to social stereotyping that it may help us all look closed at ourselves before judging others.

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