Simon McAuliffe

knowsy — reclaim connection

An interest in digital design and efficiency led to the conceptualization of the Knowsy application.
Finding it difficult to come to terms with modern society’s desire to isolate themselves and participate more frequently in virtual situations, brought with it the idea of a more productive means of networking.

Social media has given us new and diverse ways of communicating, even revolutionized relationships, but it has robbed us of the physical aspect of social interaction which is integral in forming real, and lasting connections. Drawing on successful aspects of it’s predecessors, Knowsy makes more relevant connections and focuses on establishing physical networks.

Largely aimed at a young demographic 16-25, use of spoken word and a confrontational hip-hop aesthetic in the promotional piece is intended to raise awareness that digital representations are below par, in comparison to the vibrant human’s physical form. The apps functionality and graphics draw on 2016’s trends; user centric simple and innovative navigation, flat design and fresh colour palettes.

Condense your online experience down to it’s most valuable form, and save time spent toggling mindlessly through less-relevant material.

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