Luke Fennell

foul play

There is a crippling ill-treatment of players and sports people within amateur sport in Ireland. All in the name of national pride. Professionalism within a post colonial mentality of an amateur sport has become a grim pursuit. The idolisation of players from media outlets and the pressures it places has become vastly irresponsible with players having to suspend their lives, both professionally and personally, in the pursuit of sporting glory without pay.

The piece is a once off quarterly bespoke editorial series which focuses on a revised investigation to sporting authorities and it’s players.

Each issue looks at a particular global sporting institution and assesses current contemporary issues within the game. The first of the series looks at the amateur players of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland.
The article investigates the effects of the gradual introduction of professionalism in the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). Topics are centered around amateurism, professionalism and the drivers of change in sport, with a focus on the affects it has on the players of the games of hurling and football.

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