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Makeup is amongst the oldest universal form of human expression. It influences a wide range of social behaviour, shapes the way we see ourselves, and alters the way we perceive others.
Wearing makeup can be fun; it is a theatrical element to paint the face. Allowing young girls to channel and experiment different types of personalities and aesthetics. Makeup is now so ubiquitous in our society, that people are able to mask their insecurities through it.

This project is aimed at young teenagers that are unique, expressive and individualistic. Different emotions are portrayed using cosmetic packaging, very expressive and bold on the outside, yet soft and gentle on the inside. Exactly how some teens portray their feelings today, some lash out, or others bottle everything up. The project explores what products are suitable for young skin, and how to apply them correctly. As wearing makeup for the first time is a big step for teens, it can be daunting. The project was created to raise awareness, provide information and encourage a more carefree attitude to cosmetics. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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