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Ireland has experienced a vast decline in the amount of people that occupy its rural land. Many towns and villages have seen the closure of shops, post offices, schools and Garda stations. More and more people are moving and settling down in urban areas.

This project encourages rural resettlement. It is aimed at working class people who are looking to settle down, buy a property, start a family or people that just want a fresh start.The aim is to restore life and give new strength to rural Ireland, encourage people to choose parts of Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo or Donegal to live. I want to show the advantages of living in rural Ireland. Living in the countryside doesn’t mean a life of isolation.

The publication ‘Revive’ looks at the work done by Jim Connolly who set up the organisation Rural Resettlement Ireland, which was responsible for 770 families from Dublin who made a new life for themselves in the countryside. It also looks at people that have made the move and their experiences. The magazine gives people an insight into what it’s like and what to expect if you are thinking of relocating to rural area.

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