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the jinx

A title sequence is the method by which film/television programmes introduce their content, utilizing conceptual visuals and sound to set the tone and environment. Title sequences have developed from a brief introduction to the film, crediting the director, cast and crew to becoming a mini-movie in its own right, exploring themes, plots, characters and genres through visual metaphors.

The documentary entitled ‘The Jinx’ is the chosen subject of this title sequence. Documentary popularity has grown steadily over the last decade. Why are audiences increasingly choosing fact over fiction? Perhaps the current dearth of realism (endless comic-book sequels and apocalyptic action movies) is forcing more discerning viewers to choose authentic storytelling over spectacular visuals and far-fetched plots.

This project utilizes the techniques involved in title sequence design to help intrigue a wide audience of film, history and social interests. The title reflects the main character of the documentary, a mysterious figure, asking more questions than answers. The title teases the audience with visual metaphors and abstracted imagery, stirring feelings of anticipation, a cinematic hook that leaves the audience wanting more.

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